Campus and infrastructure

Available Land area in  square meters 20234.28 sqm2
Available land is on Ownership basis
Built-up area in square meters 2253.19
Fire safety  equipment No
facilities available for differently abled persons Ramp & Wheelchair are available in the college
Hostel facilities are available Yes    (for female students)


Multi- storey building built-up area in square meters on each floor.

Sl. No. Floor Built-up area in square Meters
1 Ground floor 668.07
2 First floor 729.56
3 Second floor 792.56
4. Third floor Nil
5 Fourth floor Nil
Total area 2253.19   Sq. Mtrs.


Information regarding the available infrastructure

Sl. No. Infrastructure Whether available


Size in sq.ft.
a Classrooms

i. Classroom    1, Mathematics class  2, Social Science-

(2 Rooms)

ii. Classroom   3, Malayalam Class    4, English –(2 Rooms)

iii. Classroom. 5, Natural Science     6, Physical Science

(2 Rooms)







1692 each

1653 each

1171 each

b. General class yes 2180.25
c Library-cum-reading room yes 1993.07
d ICT Resource Centre   (NRC Lab) yes 375
e. Curriculum laboratory (Psychology lab & Counselling cell) yes 364
f. Multipurpose Hall-Auditorium with  Indoor games facility yes 2180.25
g. Health & physical Education resource centre yes 585
h Multipurpose playfield,  (All playfields) yes 24000
G(ii)        Whether following facilities are available in the institution
a. Principal’s room yes 344.63
b. Staff room yes 534.08
c. Administrative Office yes 341
d. Visitors room yes 181.26
e Separate common room for male & female students yes 676
f Seminar room yes 385.5
g. Canteen yes 78.96
h Separate toilet facility for male & female students yes  84-Boys


NAAC Room (IQAC) Yes 403


Language lab Yes 375
I Separate toilet facility for staff yes 200
J Separate Toilet facility for differently abled persons yes
k Parking space yes 385.5
I Open space for additional accommodation yes
m Store room yes 78.96
n Health Centre Yes 126.5
o Work Experience room (Arts & resource centre Yes 996.5
p Common Room  for Boys Yes 996.5
q ……………..


Teaching & Non-teaching staff

No. of staff members in position at the time of commencement of the current session:

Principal/HOD 1
Professor 0
Associate Professor/Reader 4  (1 FDP)
Assistant Professor/Lecturer 3
Any other 2 (Guest Lecturers)
Total Academic staff 9
Total administrative, technical and professional staff 14


Vacant positions as on the date of last revision of website.

Sl No. Academic positions No. of vacant positions Other staff No. of vacant position
I Principal/HOD Administrative staff
Ii Professor Technical staff
Iii Associate Professor/Reader Professional staff
iv Assistant Professor/lecturer 2


  1. Number of academic and other staff recruited during the current session

Academic:  2 (guest lecturers)

Other: –

2. Number of academic and other staff who left the institution during the current

session (2016-17)

Academic:   Nil

Other:  –