Details of Internship school

  • Total number of internship days in the previous academic session:  4 months
  • Total number of mentor teachers associated with the internship Programme:     40
  • Did the institution conduct orientation program for the student before the   commencement of internship: Yes
  • Did the institution conduct the planning cum consultation meeting   with the heads of    internship schools: Yes
Name of the school
Location (Rural/Urban)
Management(Government/Govt, aided/Private aided)
Total No. of students in the school
Distance from the TEI
No. of student teachers deputed for internship
Maryland  H.S. Madampam  



Govt. aided 611 500 M 10
Govt. H.S S.   Sreekandapuram Urban Government 1326 3 km 9
Govt. H.S.S,  Irikkur Rural Government 1497 5  km 10
Govt. H.S.S.  Nedungome Urban Government 635 5 km 11
Sacred Heart  H.S.S.  Payyavoor Rural  

Govt. aided

1046 10 km 4
K.P.C. H.S.S.  Pattanur Rural Govt. aided 1406 10 km 3
Sir Syed H.S. School, Karimbam Urban Govt. aided 1308 20 km 2