Details of Internship school

Nearly sixty days of intensive pre-practice preparation which includes a minimum of five discussion lessons, five demonstration lessons and a minimum of eight criticism classes by all students and sufficient understanding (acquisition of skills) in microteaching are the pre-requisite for students who are going for practice teaching. Every student has to spend 16 weeks in their practice teaching schools.Internship takes a total of 60 lessons in their respective subject i.e. 20 lessons in the 8

The internship takes a total of 60 lessons in their respective subject i.e. 20 lesson in the 8th and 20 in the 9th standards 20 in higher secondary or upper primary class  In addition to this, each student teacher has to take 3 physical education lessons. Every student teacher has a co-operative teacher in their concerned subject and he/she is supposed to observe all the classes and evaluates the class using the evaluation proforma given. There is a pre-lesson and post-lesson discussion with the co-operative teacher and he/she gives necessary remarks, suggestions, and feedback.

The total period of practice teaching is divided into 3 phases i.e. the first 20 lessons are to be completed in the first phase, the second 20 in the second phase and the remaining 20 in the third phase. The optional teacher visits and observes the classes of every student at least 3 times i.e. one on each phase. He/she observes the class throughout the period (45 minutes). Soon after the class, he/she makes a detailed discussion with the students and gives necessary feed back to improve the class. He/she also consults with the concerned teachers of the school. The principal, teacher of physical education and the teacher of education also make periodical visits to supervise them. Students are expected to follow and practice the right methods, techniques and strategies in tune with the prescribed activity oriented approach using appropriate learning aids. At the end of 20 lessons, each student is expected to administer a unit test in each standard according to a test design and blueprint. Diagnoses the difficulties and give remedial teaching after the test. For this every student prepares a diagnostic chart and 2 or 3 remedial lesson plans.

School Experience/Internship

In the very beginning of the B.Ed program one day is set apart for model school visit to expose themselves to the general school system. Through the interaction with various aspects of the school, they get valuable experience, which adds to their further progress as teachers.The prime objective of practice teaching period is to get the actual school experience for the student teachers. In order to attain these objectives in its full

The prime objective of practice teaching period is to get the actual school experience for the student teachers. In order to attain these objectives in its full extent, seven weeks (40 days) are allotted for an internship. Usually, the internship is scheduled in the first and second term in which much of the co-curricular competitions, like youth festivals, sports meets etc. are held in schools. Our student teachers have to reach the school at least 15 minutes before the school time and remain there until evening. They have a separate register to sign both in the forenoon and afternoon and the head master verifies their attendance every day. During practice teaching, they also render their service to their co-operative schools by organizing useful work like arranging laboratory, library, campus cleaning, celebrating days of importance conducting different competitions, social survey, action research, case study, projects etc. After the successful completion of the internship, the Headmaster gives a report about their performance in the school along with their attendance, duly filled in the prescribed proforma.

Information And Communication Technology

Information and Communication technology is part of the B.Ed curriculum. This signifies the need and importance of I.C.T, in education. Computer education is compulsory for all students. The college offers training for all students in basic computer skills. In addition to this, the institution provides infrastructure like ICT enabled classrooms, equipped with L.C.D, interactive whiteboard, computer and internet facilities. The college library is fully automated. The campus offers free internet service in the library, computer lab, faculty room, administrative room etc. L.C.D projectors are available in classrooms, computer lab and auditorium.

Internships Schools

  1. Higher Secondary School, Sreekandapuram
  2. Higher Secondary School, Irikkur                                                   
  3. High school,  Nedungome
  4. Sacred Heart School,  Payyavoor
  5. Maryland High school, Madampam
  6. P.C. High School, Pattanur.
  7. George H.S Chembanthotty
  8. Govt. V.H.S. Kurumathoor
  9. AKSGHSS Malapattam


Feedback to Students during Practice Teaching

During the practice teaching, the teacher educators provide feedback to the trainee immediately after the observation of each class. The Principal also gives feedback after observing the class. In addition, the supervising teacher at the school provides necessary guidance and feedback for each of the class. The student teachers maintain a learning journal at the time of internship which contains the objectives of the internship, evaluation proforma, a brief report of the school, self-reflection and evaluation; comments from the supervising teacher, comments by the teacher educator, comments from the head of school, etc. The diary is submitted in the college immediately after the practice teaching. The major components of feedback during practice teaching are shown below

Sl No Major Components
1. Orientation/ Preparation/ Introduction
2. Strategies adopted and Learning Activities
3. Learning Materials/Instructional Devices
4. Maintaining Classroom Climate
5. Communication
6. Effective Dealing of Student Responses
7. Consolidation/Assessment
8. Follow up, Action Research, Case Study
9. Teacher
  • Total number of internship days in the previous academic session:  4 months
  • Total number of mentor teachers associated with the Internship Programme:     40
  • Did the institution conduct orientation program for the student before the   commencement of internship: Yes
  • Did the institution conduct the planning cum consultation meeting   with the heads of   internship schools: Yes