Eminent Alumni

An active alumni association is a part of our college. There is an annual get together for the association on   Second Saturday of January, every year.Most of the Alumni members are in the teaching field.  Its proud credit for us that our alumni members hold prominent positions in various fields.    A list of top 10 Alumni of the college is mentioned below:

  • Dr. Fr. Babu K.T,  Principal, St. Aloysius College, Elhuruthi
  • Sr. Jessy N.C, Asst. Professor, P.K.M. College of Education, Madampam
  • Dr. Sreeja P, Assistant Professor of Botany, Sir Syed College, Taliparamba
  • Dr. Jubilee Padmanabhan, Asst. Professor in Education, Central University, Punjab.
  • Dr. Harikrishnan P. Asst. Professor in Botany, Payyannur College, Payyannur
  • Br. T.P. Varkey CST: Principal, Marigiri Senior Secondary School, Kottumugham
  • Josekutty: Asst. Professor in Botany, Govt. Brennan College, Thalassery
  • Dr. Sabu Sebastian, HOD in Mathematics, Nirmalagiri College, Koothuparamba
  • Adv. Manoj M. Kandathil, Dist. Court Thalassery  and also   former Secretary,  Kerala Catholic Youth   Movement  (KCYM)
  • Madhu K.V. Journalist, Asianet

Current office bearers of Alumni Association

President Nithin Nangoth
Vice President Dr. Sreeja P
Treasurer Akarsh E
Secretary Rehka Karun


Alumni association has instituted endowments and scholarships to meritorious students on each academic year. Major contributions of the Alumni association are listed below:

  • Conducted a social extension program for the local people to help them fill new application form for ration card in the year 2014-15.
  • Conduct human rights activities as the observance of human rights day.
  • Annual get together on second Saturday January of every year is an occasions for sharing ideas and experiences.
  • Alumni merit cum means scholarship for needy and deserving students.
  • Members give healthy and constructive suggestions and feedback from time to time 
  • Alumni members share their experiences to the fresher’s when they come to college for various proposes.
  • Competent alumni students take demonstrations classes and shared their experiences which will motivate and give direction to the teacher trainees.

Most of the alumni members are in the teaching field. Its proud credit for us that our alumni members hold prominent positions in various fields. A list of top 10 Alumni of the college is mentioned below:

Eminent Alumni

  • Fr. Babu Paul: Principal, St. Aloysius College, Elthuruthy
  • Jessy N C: Assistant Professor, P.K.M College of Education, Madampam.
  • Sreeja P: Assistant Professor in Botany Sir Syed College, Taliparamba.
  • Jubillee Padmanabhan : Assistant Professor Central University , Punjab.
  • Harikrishnan P: Assistant Professor & HOD Dept of Botany, Payyannur College Payyannur.
  • P T Varkey CST : Principal, Marigiri Senior Secondary School Kootumugam
  • Josekutty: Assistant Professor in Botany, Government Brennen College, Thalassery.
  • Sabu Sebastian: Assistant Professor & HOD Department of Mathematics, Nirmalagiri College, Koothuparamba.
  • Manoj M Kandathil: Advocate, Former Secretary Kerala Catholic Youth Movement , KCYM, Thaliparamba.
  • Madhu K V: Chief Editor in Reporter TV Channel.

Alumni Association 2015

Annual Report

 Alumni Day of 2015 was celebrated on 10th January 2015 at college auditorium.  The meeting was presided over by Mr.Vipin C.V., Executive committee member. Alumni report and accounts were presented and new Office bearers were selected.

President: Nithin Nagoth
Vice-President: Dr. Sreeja P.
Secretary: Rekha Karun
Joint Secretary: Vipin C.V.
Treasurer: Akarsh

Executive members

  1. Manoj M. Kandathil
  2. Harikrishnan E.
  3. Jobish Joseph
  4. Firoz Chiriot
  5. Remsha
  6. Suresh
  7. Mani P.P.

There was an executive committee meeting at 2.00 PM and it was decided to ensure participation of  Alumni in community oriented programs, conducting programs for competitive examination, conduct workshop and classes on relevant topics and to arrange help desk service for renewing ration card.

As per the decision, Alumni conducted a helpdesk service for ration card Renewal on 13th January, Mr. Firoz Churiot,  Rationing Inspector, Kerala Civil Supplies Department inaugurated the program.   About 160 villagers of Madampam availed the helpdesk service.   The local channel AJ Net broadcasted the program.  On public demand, the services were provided at Alexnagar also.

A one-day seminar and debate on Human Rights was conducted on 26th February in association with National Forum for  People’s  Rights.

Alumni Association President Mr. Nithin Nagoth, Principal, Dr. Stephen T.A,  Staff in charge  Sr. Jessy N.C, Executive Member, Advt. Manoj M. Kandathil and Alumni member Surjith K. were present in the program.

Alumni initiation ceremony of  214-15 was conducted on 13-11-2015 at 2.00 pm in the college auditorium.  The program was presided over by Alumni Association President Mr. Nithin Nangoth.  Staff in charge Sr. Jessy N.C., Principal  Dr. Stephen T.A.  and Executive member Adv. Manoj M. Kandathil were present in the function.  Kiran P. Simon and Ashlin Raj were selected as representatives of 2014-15 batch.

Our Alumni Association President Nithin Nangoth was a resource person for the 3-day community living camp for 2014-15 batch and he was also present in the Course initiation ceremony of 2015-16 batch.

We thank the management, the teachers, non-teaching staff, alumni members and all students of  P.K.M and requesting your support and blessings.

Alumni Day 2016.


Alumni Day 2016 was celebrated on 9th January 2016, 10.30 AM at College auditorium.  The program started with a prayer and Rangapooja by the students of 2015-16 batch.  Dr. Veena Appukuttan, Staff Coordinator welcomed all to the program.  President Mr. Nithin Nangoth presided over the function.  College Principal  Dr. Stephen T.A.  delivered the Principal’s address.  Mr. Jimmy George Chairman of 2015-16 facilitated over the function. Joint Secretary Mr. Vipin C.V.

present the annual report and staff coordinator  Dr. Veena Appukuttan present the accounts.  Alumni members who were present the function introduced themselves and shared their experience.   About 49 members present in the function.  A general body meeting was held and the  following were selected as Office bearers.  The program was ended with the vote of thanks by the association Secretary Mr. Surjith  K.

Office Bearers 2016

President                              –           Mr. Nithin Nangoth

Vice President                     –           Dr. Sreeja. P.

Secretary                              –           Prathibha

Joint Secretary                    –           Mr. Vipin C.V.

Treasurer                              –           Dr. Harikrishnan E.

Executive  members

  1. Manoj Kandathil
  2. Firos Churiot
  3. Mani P.P.
  4. Jobish
  5. Reeshma K.K.
  6. Ashlin Raj
  7. Anoop C.K.