Our college started in 1995 with limited Infrastructure. It has a history of 20 years and over this period of time it has built up adequate infrastructure facilities as per NCTE norms for the B.Ed program. The college has a spacious campus spread over 5 acres of land with adequate facilities and resources for various educational programme, administrative functions and extension services.

The college building was renovated, rearranged and re-furnished as a part of having more facilities, services and conveniences. The principal’s room, administrative office, staffrooms and library were renovated and computerized. Guest room and various laboratories such as Science laboratory, Technology laboratory, Language Lab and Psychology laboratory, also were refurnished. A new committee cum prayer room and a common room with rest rooms for girls were also established.

Our classrooms are fully equipped with facilities like computer, LCD and Interactive smart board. All classrooms are spacious and well ventilated with enough seating capacity with cupboards for keeping the teaching aids. We provide the best infrastructure for the students for a congenial environment for learning with well-ventilated classrooms, open access library, computers, laptops, LCD projector, smart classrooms, cameras, internet facility, reprographic facility, display boards, clear drinking water and cooler etc. College is also equipped with sports goods indoor and outdoor games and gym equipments. The college has a generator and solar energy connection with full back up.

The college has 68 computers in the different departments and sections. 10 computers are in the Technology/computer laboratory (network resource center) and 17 computers are in the Language Lab. The college provides free internet access to all students and faculty. A broadband connection is available in the library, office, staff room and the computer lab. It

encourages students and staff to use multimedia through web browsing; downloading for constructing and conveying knowledge.

Solar Power System – An Exemplary Model for Energy Conservation.

Solar Power is the conversion of sun light into electricity by using solar photo voltaic modules, known as Solar Panels. Solar PV panels convert light into electronic current using photo electronic effect. Solar power system generates electricity during the day time and stored in the batteries. Solar energy is a renewable source of energy and will continue to produce electricity as long as sun exists. It is one of the only solutions for our electricity problem at present. It do not cause any pollution and is eco friendly, serving for energy conservation.

Our college has set up a Solar Power System with UGC grants. Solar panels are conveniently installed on roof top of the college. 1000 WP solar PV Panels are used in solar power system. 24 Batteries with 100 AH capacity are connected for the storage of electric power. It supplies 26 unit of electricity per day. Solar power system provides full day power back up without any interruption of power supply and from the installation of the solar unit onwards we are not using even a single unit of electricity from Kerala State Electricity Board.

Amount Invested for the Development during 2011-2014.

Items 2011-2012 2012-2013 2013-2014
UGC Manage- UGC Manage- UGC Manage-
ment ment ment
Building 200000 100000 519000 819000
Equipm 654958 9465 1105680 14900 891435 28972 2705410
Total 3524410
854958 109465 1105680 14900 891435 547972


Infrastructure facilities for co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

The college gives due importance and weight age to co-curricular activities. In addition to the college union, there are various clubs and associations which are actively involved in both curricular and co-curricular activities Faculty members in charge, supervise the activities of their clubs and association. They conduct cultural competitions, debates and seminars. Our college auditorium is utilized as the common venue for conducting co curricular and extracurricular activities including indoor games.

The following infrastructure facilities are available in the college for different purpose and dimensions.

  • Fully furnished Auditorium
  • Work Experience Room
  • Computer cum Technology Lab. with internet connection.
  • Language Lab.
  • Library and Information Center 
  • Printer, Scanner and Photocopier
  • Interactive Smart Boards
  • Display boards
  • Interactive Smart Room classes
  • Indoor and outdoor game facilities
  • TV, DVD player, Video cameras and Digital Camera
  • Laptop, Tape recorder, Multimedia Projector 
  • Solar Power System. 
  • Basketball court
  • Volleyball court
  • Badminton court 
  • Handball court 
  • Three table tennis boards

The college campus is beautified with ornamental plants and seasonal flowers gives aesthetic look for the campus.

Extracurricular activities including sport ant games.

The college conducts the annual sports day every year with a variety of events. The students are grouped into 4 houses and competitions are held accordingly. Individual champions in men and women and winner’s in various events are awarded trophies, certificates.

In the field of sports and games, college has a play ground and various courts for Basket ball, Volleyball, Handball, Badminton, and indoor games facilities for table tennis, chess, and caroms. We have applied for UGC grant for indoor stadium. In addition to these facilities the institution makes use of the play ground of Madampam Maryland High Scool, our model school, for annual sport and games.

Sharing of Physical infrastructure.

Physical infrastructure of the college is shared with other institutions/organizations for educational cultural and social activities. Our language lab and computer lab are shared

with our model school students. Our college is a venue for all local body elections also for conducting residential camps for school children during holidays/vacation. The college rooms are used on holidays for the coaching classes of UGC, NET, SET, KTET etc. Researchers of various universities use our library resources for their research work.

Facilities for Health and Hygiene.

Our college takes keen interest in the physical and mental health of our students through Yoga, Counseling and medical inspection. We have facilities for first aid, separate restroom for boys and girls. Drinking water is made available and one water cooler is placed at the entrance of the college. Dustbins at various places are kept for waste disposal maintains and promote a plastic free campus. Seminars and orientation classes on health, heigine and family life are provided during different occasions.

Hostel Facility.

The college provides hostel facilities for women with special emphasis on cleanliness, comfort and convenience. The hostel has mess facilities for the students. The women hostel is managed by the Visitation Congregation under the Archdiocese of Kottayam, our management. All rooms are well furnished with tables, chairs and other furniture and recreational facilities are also available in the hostel.

Infrastructure Utilization.

The infrastructure of the college as per NCTE norms is optimally used for conducting all curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities of the college. The Library, Computer and Technology Lab, Language Lab, Psychology Lab etc. are used by the student as per the timetable. The entire classrooms have computer, and LCD projector with interactive smart board facilities support the class room teaching. The staff and students of the college regularly use the broadband internet without any payment.

The college auditorium is used for state and national seminars. All the cultural programmes, festival celebrations, inter college competitions; debates etc are conducted in the auditorium. Staff and students make use of digital Xerox services in the library and office. The playground facilities are optimally used for the physical education activities, intramural competitions and daily sports and games activities. The physical facilities of the college is also utilized for conducting of community living camps for student teachers as well as school children.


P.K.M. College library and information Centre is situated on the Second Floor of the college. It is well organized with adequate collection of books, journals, periodicals, other learning materials and facilities for technology aided learning which enable students to acquire knowledge and information for their study. The library offers its services to about 125 users including student teachers and teaching and non-teaching staff of this college. The key role of the college library is to support the academic activities of the parent body to carry out its programme and help the teachers and student teachers in preparing their instructional courses and keeping in abreast of current developments in different subject’s area. It also supports the teaching and research programme of the college with maximum access to information. Our library is well ventilated and well lighted with good seating arrangement. The library functions under the supervision of a qualified librarian (UGC) and two library assistants. The librarian maintains various sections namely acquisition, technical, circulation, reference and periodical with help of this supporting staff.

The library has ten computers out of which two are for library operation and eight for Internet access. One Xerox Copier is available in the library. We have separate reading room, stack room and a gate register which is kept at the entrance. The property counter is placed outside the library to keep the personal belongings of the library users. All journals, magazine, newspapers, student’s manuscripts, student magazines etc. are kept in the reading room. Notice board is placed outside the library and another one inside the reading room to facilitate display of important information.

The library provides unlimited free internet access to staff & students. Students use internet services for preparing their project work, preparing classes and Seminars, publication etc. Users frequently use N-List and other data bases. Library provides photocopy facility since 2004 and charges are fixed at nominal rate which is just enough to support the operational cost.

All users are registered as members and library card has been issued at beginning of the course. We issue three books for students and each book is issued for ten days. The students can renew the books at any time unless the book is reserved.

We follow Open Access systems where users of the library have freedom to enter into stack area and search for the required books. Books are classified accordingly to Dewey decimal classification schemes. In open access system the risk of losing the books is higher than closed systems. Chances of stealing, hiding books, tearing pages etc are reduced through proper vigilance.

Journals and Periodicals.

Periodicals are the primary sources of information. We subscribe 43 periodicals through publications. Educational Journals and periodicals, News papers, College Magazines and Manuscripts are arranged in the reading room. Back volumes of Journals and Periodicals are also available. The back volumes of news papers are kept in the library store. Periodicals are subscribed annually and subscriptions renewed every year. We keep separate Registers for journals and periodicals.

Reference Service.

The college library maintains a good collection of Reference books. It include encyclopedia, multilingual dictionaries, dictionaries on various subjects, year book etc. The question papers of previous year examinations conducted by Kannur University and syllabi of B.Ed. course are also made available in this library.

User Orientation Programme.

User Orientation Programme is conducted for students in the beginning of their course. They are made aware of general rules and regulation of the library, library resources, classification system, library services, circulation system, reference books, journals, previous question papers, OPAC etc. Librarian gives instructions about library materials, its care and concern, importance of reading, development of Reading habits etc.


Our college has adequate number of class rooms, laboratories, computer facilities, fully equipped library and other learning resources. All the class rooms are equipped with enough furniture and ICT facilities. Each class room contains computer, LCD interactive board, and OHP. Students use these facilities to improve and enhance learning.Computers, LCD’s and audio visual devices are extensively utilized for various seminars, conferences; workshops etc are organized by the institution. Our college shares its facilities with our model school. The audio- visual aids like charts and models prepared by the student teachers are donated to the model school and school situated near by the institution.

Audio- Visual Facilities.

Our college provides various audio- visual facilities. The college facilitates with 54 desktop computers, 3 laptops, 7 interactive smart board, 8 LCD projectors, 7 video cameras, digital camera, VCD and LCD players and LED TV etc. Students are encouraged to use these facilities in their teaching learning process.

Educational  CDs   related   with   school   subjects,  CD’s   meant  for   personality

developments, Communication skills are effectively used by the students in their learning activities.

Psychology Laboratory

The psychology lab is specially equipped with apparatus of simple experiments related to educational psychology. Some of them are memory drum, depth perception instruments, Miller Layer illusion apparatus etc. All the latest tests including aptitude test, intelligence test, creativity test, personality test and attitude test are available.

Science Laboratory

The college has well equipped laboratories for physical science and natural science. It has almost all science apparatus, instruments and specimens required to perform and demonstrate the experiment prescribed in the secondary science classes. All required chemical materials are also available in science laboratory.

Technology/Computer Laboratory

A computer lab equipped with computers with free internet and laser color printer is available in our college. Our student teachers are free to use of computer lab for preparing power point presentation, project works and computer aided learning. Students can get the color and black & white print in subsidized rate.CD and DVD’s are also provided for student teachers. Six video cameras are available, one for each optional class for recording-criticism classes and modification through self of criticism classes.

Language Laboratory

Language lab is used to train the student teachers in communication skills, spoken English and phonetics. Language programme is installed in all computers with collar mike and head phone with mike. The institution periodically purchases equipments for various laboratories. Faculty members are in charge of the various laboratories. The institution ensures regular maintenance of all equipments.

Multipurpose Hall/ Auditorium

The Multipurpose Hall/ Auditorium of the college is a venue of regular co-curricular activities, seminars, general assembly and other cultural activities. It is well furnished and public address system is also available there.

Sports Facilities

Sports facilities include basketball court, volleyball court, handball court, badminton court, facilities for table tennis (three boards). Sports materials include basketball, volleyball, handball, cricket equipments, and badminton and tennis equipments, equipments for track and field Games like table tennis, carom board, chess board are also provided for students. Fitness equipment including ergometer is available in the college. The playground of our model school is a shared facility for conduct of annual sports day and other intramural programmes. The parish hall of Madampam is also used for indoor sports activities including coaching and training in badminton.

Other Quality Sustenance and Enhancement Measures Under taken by the Institution.

All class rooms and general class room are equipped with computers, LCD projectors and Interactive Smart boards. Teacher and students are always using these facilities for taking classes.

The library is automated with OPAC and bar. code facilities. Library collections have increased in terms of Books, Journals and Magazines. New encyclopedias on education and related areas are added to library collection.150 educational CDs are also included in the library.The college has constructed separate resting rooms for girl’s students. A separate language lab with 17 computers is also established for the students and the faculty.

The college set up a Solar Power System by utilizing the UGC grant. Solar Power System provides full day power back up without any interruption of power supply. After the NAAC visit, the college takes keen efforts to improve the infrastructure. The college is modified with Smart class room, Seminar hall, Language lab, Committee cum prayer room, separate Rest Room for girl students, installing more Computers, LCD and other ICT facilities.