ICT Resource Centre

The college has adequate computer facilities and other learning resources. Use of ICT has made the teaching learning process easier and efficient for both the faculty and students of the college. The college has a well established computer lab with computers, internet and printers. Students can make use of these facilities free of cost. All class rooms are well equipped with computers, interactive smart board and LCD projectors. Teachers and students can make use of interactive smart board, Computers CD’S, TV, DVD, tape recorder, Slides, LCD, OHP, Projector screen and other audio visual facilities for teaching learning process. The major ICT facilities available in the college are given below

Curriculum for Imparting Computer Skill.

The institution provides a practical training of one hour per week is given to student per week in the computer lab. The college ensures basic computer knowledge to all the students by giving training in using MS word, power point presentation, internet browsing, creating

and using E-mail, using multimedia for teaching, training for using interactive smart board, LCD projectors, preparation of instructional material etc.

Technology in Practice Teaching.

Practice teaching is an integral part of the B.Ed curriculum which provides students with firsthand experience of actual class room situation. Students are trained to use computer for preparing soft copies of the lesson plans, achievement tests and making power point slides. They are also trained to use LCD projectors, OHP and interactive Smart Board for developing lesson plan and its effective presentation. Students are also trained to use internet facility for acquiring the latest knowledge in their subject area for preparation and presentation of lesson plan by downloads from you tube, live presentations etc.

Staff and students make use of the available ICT facilities of the college by making Power Point Presentation, using interactive smart boards, LCD projectors and CDs in teaching learning process. Teachers use ICT for preparing learning materials and updating the teaching notes.

Number of computer systems 56
Availability of internet facility Yes
Accessibility of Internet facility of students Yes
Number of CD-ROMs Yes


Curriculum laboratory.

Sl. No. Resources for curriculum laboratory Available
i Resources for the English Language Yes
ii Resources for Science Education Yes
iii Resources for Social Science Education Yes
iv Resources for Regional Language Education Yes
v Resources for Core Mathematics Yes
vi Overhead Projector/Notice Board/Black Board Yes
vii. Interactive whiteboard Yes
vii LCD Projector Yes


Physical Education Resource Centre.

  • Computer : 1
  • Printer : 1
  • Sports items (Shuttle, Bat, Cricket Bat, Cricket Ball, Table Tennis, Chess Board, Caroms etc.)