P.K.M. College library and information Centre is situated on the Second Floor of the college. It is well organized with adequate collection of books, journals, periodicals, other learning materials and facilities for technology aided learning which enable students to acquire knowledge and information for their study. The library offers its services to about 125 users including student teachers and teaching and non-teaching staff of this college. The key role of the college library is to support the academic activities of the parent body to carry out its programme and help the teachers and student teachers in preparing their instructional courses and keeping in abreast of current developments in different subject’s area. It also supports the teaching and research programme of the college with maximum access to information. Our library is well ventilated and well lighted with good seating arrangement. The library functions under the supervision of a qualified librarian (UGC) and two library assistants. The librarian maintains various sections namely acquisition, technical, circulation, reference and periodical with help of this supporting staff.

The library has ten computers out of which two are for library operation and eight for Internet access. One Xerox Copier is available in the library. We have separate reading room, stack room and a gate register which is kept at the entrance. The property counter is placed outside the library to keep the personal belongings of the library users. All journals, magazine, newspapers, student’s manuscripts, student magazines etc. are kept in the reading room. Notice board is placed outside the library and another one inside the reading room to facilitate display of important information.

The library provides unlimited free internet access to staff & students. Students use internet services for preparing their project work, preparing classes and Seminars, publication etc. Users frequently use N-List and other data bases. Library provides photocopy facility since 2004 and charges are fixed at nominal rate which is just enough to support the operational cost.

All users are registered as members and library card has been issued at beginning of the course. We issue three books for students and each book is issued for ten days. The students can renew the books at any time unless the book is reserved.

We follow Open Access systems where users of the library have the freedom to enter into stack area and search for the required books. Books are classified accordingly to Dewey decimal classification schemes. In open access system the risk of losing the books is higher than closed systems. Chances of stealing, hiding books, tearing pages etc are reduced through proper vigilance.

Best Library User Award (B L U Award).

P.K.M. College library offers Best Library User Award to potential student users. The best library user award is given annually to accelerate the use of the rich learning resource of the library for study and research. It motivates the student to visit the library frequently and make the efficient use of the library and its services

Criteria for Selection:

  • Number of Books taken from the Library
  • Time Spent in the Library
  • General Reading Habit of the student
  • Optimum use of various facilities and resources provided in the library
  • Library culture of the students

Library Resources.

The library support the educational and research requirements of the students and the faculty of the college by collecting, organizing preserving and disseminating information through library services with the help of modern information technologies. The college has N-List (National library and information services infrastructure for scholarly content) connectivity. The N-List includes e-journals, e-books and databases of all areas of disciplines. The details of library resources are given below:

Sl No Items Numbers
1. Books 6315
2. Print Journal 22
3. Print magazines 21
4. Encyclopedias 23
5. CDROM’s 150
6. Seminar Proceedings 3
7. Online Resources INFLIBNET N list
8. Software Meshilogic/BookMagic Library automation software



Library Committee.

The institution has a mechanism to review systematically various library resources for adequate access, relevance etc. The library advisory committee of P.K.M. College of Education meets periodically to review all library resources and services. It helps the librarian in carrying out library administration more efficient. The committee formulates the policies and program of the college library. The committee comprising of Principal as chairperson, librarian as convener is functioning actively. The representatives from the faculty and one representative from the students nominated by Principal to consider the reflections of students are the members of the committee. The members of the present library advisory committee are listed below:

Chairperson Dr Stephen T A (Principal)
Convener Mr John P T (Librarian)
Members Mrs Maya J Pillai
Ms Jessy N C
Dr (Mrs) Veena Appukuttan
Mrs Honey Babu
IQAC Coordinator Dr Anil R
Student Representative Mr Akash E


Other Aspects.

Seating capacity  in the Reading   room 40
Number  of  Books 7028
Number of  Titles 5520
Number of Reference  books like encyclopedias, dictionaries, Documents, report etc. 1018


Library Computerization.

Our library is automated with Meshi Logic – Book Magic software. It supports MARC 21 and ISO 2709 data interchange format. It consists of various library modules which are given below.

  • The OPAC (Public Interface for users)
  • Cataloging/Database /Technical Processing
  • Acquisitions ( Ordering, receiving materials)
  • Serial control module
  • Administration module
  • Report module

Library users can search the computerized bibliographic details of Books, Reference Books CDs, Journals and Periodicals through OPAC (online public access catalog) Services. The Users can search the databases in different ways:

  • Book: – Author, Title, Subject, Classification Number, Keywords, Accession number, publisher. 
  • Journal: – Title, Publisher, Vol. No., Type
  • CDs: – Title, Subject. Serial No., Author Call No, Publisher

One separate computer is provided to the users of the library for OPAC Services. Barcode Scanner is used for circulation services. The library has Ten Computers out of which two are for library and operation, eight for Internet access. One Xerox Copier is available in the library. The library provides unlimited free internet access to staff & students.

Names of journals subscribed.

  1. Journal of Educational psychology
  2. Journal of school educational technology
  3. Journal on English language teaching
  4. Journal of educational research and extension
  5. new frontiers in education
  6. Experiments in education
  7. Journal of Indian Education
  8. Primary teacher
  9. School Science
  10. Resonance
  11. University News
  12. Vikasini
  13. Indian education review
  14. Teacher support
  15. Edu Tracks
  16. Vijanakairali
  17. Miracles of teaching
  18. Indian educational abstract
  19. Indian Journal of teacher education
  20. Current science
  21. Down to earth
  22. Scientific journal of sports psychology
  23. Indian journal of sports psychology
  24. Research dimension
  25. Everyman’s Science
  26. Educational extract
  27. Educational quest.
  • Number of books added during the previous academic session: 326  (2015-16)
  • Number of books during the current academic session156   (2016-17)
  • Total books: 7028