Vision & Mission

Vision statement

P.K.M College of Education established in 1995, draws its inspiration from Christ, our eternal guru, the light of the world; to train the graduates to be the light of the world to dispel the darkness of ignorance, illiteracy and underdevelopment and transform them as persons of deep faith in God and in themselves, for commitment and service towards building up a just and humane society in a world of alienation and competition. The college emblem symbolises the vision and mission of the institution. The Vision of the college is stated as:

Excellence and Committed Service in Every Realm of Teaching Endeavour

Mission and objectives

Translating this vision into action, we seek to develop the following in our student teachers.

  • Develop professional scholarship, academic and research competencies, and communication skills.
  • Inculcate values of moral uprightness, noble character social commitment and dignity of labour
  • Develop an attitude of reconciliation between man and nature
  • Evolve a close – knit network with the local people, educational institutions and the college administration through appropriate schemes so that the student teachers are ensured of their overall development.

The mission includes the institution’s goals and objectives in terms of addressing the needs of the society, the students it seeks to serve, the school sector, educational institutions, traditions and value orientations. The mission of the college is stated as:

To Nurture the Holistic Development of Prospective Teachers for a Just and Humane Society